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UPDATE: Kinsa’s 'Multidemic' Prediction on MSNBC

September 8, 2021  ||  KINSA DATA TEAM

Kinsa’s data leads us to predict that this winter will see a “multidemic” — or many epidemics circulating at once. This multidemic will likely be a combination of COVID, flu and other respiratory viruses.Those under 18 may be hit especially hard now as many kids are returning to school — many who cannot be vaccinated — and in some cases, without masks.

The why behind this prediction: We’re seeing influenza-like-illness (ILI) in the 0-9 yrs. age group elevated above typical August baseline levels. This is the age group that often spreads contagious illness (if you’re a parent of young children, you know how true this is!)

Chart showing the historical illness levels of people aged 2-9 years old

We’re also seeing that 14 states have surpassed typical August illness levels in the general population and another 15 states are trending upwards - most of which do not have students back in school yet.

Historical % ill, 0-4 year olds
Chart of current and historical % of 0-4 year olds who are ill.

Lastly, national Kinsa data shows symptoms associated with colds, flu, and COVID have all been trending upward since early July.

Chart showing all symptoms increasing since early July

Please note this prediction is not meant to cause alarm.  It is an opportunity -- Kinsa has the unique ability to forecast illness, and we believe it is also our responsibility to inform our communities of what's potentially coming.

Our motto is Predict, Prepare, Prevent! We hope this information helps you make informed decisions for yourself and your family. 

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