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The States We're Watching as Illness Rises

July 9, 2021  ||  By Matt Albasi

Despite growing concern over the spreading Delta variant, national vaccination rates are largely stalling, leading to increased cases in several parts of the country. Primarily concentrated in unvaccinated areas, daily average cases increased 39% over two weeks ago, topping 16,000. Experts, including the CDC, estimate the Delta variant is responsible for 50% of all new cases.

Map showing the states of Florida and Louisiana escalated to moderate covid risk

Six states are bearing the brunt of the new outbreaks. HealthWeather shows that Nevada, Wyoming, Missouri and Arkansas all remain at elevated risk, with Florida and Louisiana rising to moderate risk. Each of these states has a lower-than-average vaccination rate.

Nationally, overall illness continues to remain generally low. Children under the age of 17 are experiencing the highest levels of illness, but, like most other age groups, these levels are nearly the same as last week. 

Vaccination rates crept ever-so-slightly higher as the nation nears 48 percent of the population fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, a little more than 55 percent of the population received at least one shot. Current vaccination rates are around 500,000 doses per day, down from a peak of 3.5 million doses in April.

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