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COVID Outlook: Every State Seeing Increased Cases

July 23, 2021  ||  By Matt Albasi

COVID-19 cases increased 180% from two weeks ago, at about 45,000 new cases per day. Hospitalizations and deaths are also increasing, by 53%, with 27,000 people hospitalized, and 30% with 252 people now dying every day. Compared to last week, cases were up 109%, hospitalizations up 19% and deaths up 19%.

Line Chart showing covid-19 cases in the US over the last three months

Massachusetts cases up 350%, Alabama up 311% in the last two weeks

Cases are increasing in every region of the country. The highest rate of change in case numbers is occurring in Massachusetts where daily reported cases have increased by more than 350 percent to 373 per day. Florida has a small rate of change but a much larger case load. They are seeing more than 8,900 new cases per day on average, an increase of 232 percent. Cases in every state have increased by at least 30 percent, most by more than 100 percent, in the last two weeks.

Florida, California and Texas have the largest daily cases with 8,912, 5,502, and 4,529 respectively.

Louisiana, Arkansas and Florida have the largest daily cases adjusted for population with 47 cases per 100k, 43 and 41 respectively. 

Pace of Vaccinations must increase again

Vaccination rates are un-moved, stuck at the same levels we saw when they were in low supply at the beginning of the rollout.

  • 48.8% of the US population are fully vaccinated, while 56.4% have received at least one vaccine dose.

    • Lowest vaccination rates are in MS, LA, ID, WY and AL.

    • Highest vaccination rates are in VT, MA, HI, CT and ME.

    • Average rate of vaccination is still low. The U.S. is now distributing less than 500k doses per day, compared to 3.3 million at the peak in April.

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