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COVID Cases Go Down Nationally and up Regionally

September 24, 2021  ||  by Matt Albasi

Non-COVID Illness Rises in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic

The Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states are getting ill fast. Since Labor Day, most states in these regions have seen rapid increases in fevers, Kinsa data show. Since confirmed COVID-19 cases did not increase at the same rate within that period, the increase in fevers is likely due to another infectious illness, like RSV. The CDC reports that flu cases remain low across the country, ruling it out as a likely culprit. Regardless of the root cause for rising illness levels, this spike in fevers coincides with the beginning of the school year in some Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, including Michigan and Minnesota.

Line chart showing illness rising in the midewes

COVID Cases Go Down Nationally and up Regionally

The regional trends reported in last week’s story, which showed a disparity in illness trends between regions of the country, continued into this week, at least partially driven by COVID. The Southeast, South and West saw the number of fevers declining in Kinsa data, with COVID cases falling at similar rates. At the same time, in most of the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest, COVID cases and general illness continued to increase. Thankfully, COVID cases continue to be at much lower levels than were seen in the South in July and August.

It’s Time to Get Your Annual Flu Shot! 

Kinsa’s team of specialists — and the CDC — recommend getting your flu shot by the end of October, so peak immunity lines up with peak flu season, but there’s no reason to delay. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months and older, and you can get the COVID vaccine and the flu vaccine on the same day! No need to wait in between shots. 

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