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As Cases Increase, so Do Vaccinations

August 6, 2021  ||  by Matt Albasi

Nationally, cases continue to crawl northward from the outbreak’s epicenter in the south. New daily cases are again surging, currently averaging more than 100,000 new cases per day (similar to levels we saw last fall and winter).

Hospitalizations approach the levels seen during the beginning of the pandemic, with an average of about 53,000 people currently hospitalized. For context, hospitalizations during the first wave peaked around 58,000. Thankfully, deaths from COVID remain lower than in previous surges. 

Map showing county-level risk score

The takeaway is this: we are fully immersed in a fourth wave of this pandemic and it’s not yet time to return to life as normal. That said, the psychosocial benefits of seeing friends and family after a year of relative isolation cannot be understated. If you’re fully vaccinated, try to limit your time in indoor, crowded places but go forth and see vaccinated friends and family!

The Silver Lining: Vaccination Rates Are Rising We leave you with some very good news. Finally, the number of vaccines distributed per day has begun to increase. After stagnating around 500,000 shots per day administered for weeks, the last week of July saw an increase to around 582,000. Because it takes two weeks to build full immunity after the second dose, we may see a slight lag in the positive effect of this increased vaccination rate. But each new person vaccinated is a celebration -- and one less opportunity for the virus to mutate.

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