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All Eyes on Delta as Schools Reopen

August 6, 2021  ||  by Matt Albasi

As back to school season begins, educators and parents alike are glued to news about how this new Covid wave will affect school reopening -- and, what to expect once those school bells ring. The good news: Kinsa data shows that illness levels among school-age children is currently only slightly higher than typical for this time of year, hovering near 1.6 percent.

Line chart showing portion of 2-9 year olds that have been sick on August 1. This year is slightly higher than the last 5 years

While we can expect illness levels to rise once schools reopen (if you’re a parent, you’re surely familiar with those back to school sniffles), Kinsa’s team of clinicians and epidemiologists offers advice to any concerned parents:  

  • If your child is older than 12 years old, we strongly encourage the Pfizer vaccine to protect from COVID-19 and provide you peace of mind that if your child does fall ill, it's unlikely to be COVID

  • Outside of school, limit larger, indoor group gatherings to those who are fully vaccinated. In cases where this isn’t possible, encourage any unvaccinated kids to mask up (and politely ask unvaccinated adults to do the same), particularly if you live in an area with a high risk of COVID. 

  • Start incorporating morning symptom and temperature checks into your day and keep your child at home if they’re feeling sick - this is singularly the best way to prevent an outbreak of any illness and is a huge service to your community.

  • Consider nominating your child’s school for Kinsa’s free FLUency school health program. Run in more than 4,000 schools over the last 6 years, the program empowers parents and school staff with knowledge of illness trends in real-time, helping you make the best decisions for your family.     

In the classroom, masks, distancing and ventilation are the best preventative tools. A classroom of fully-masked kids, spaced 3+ ft. apart with windows open is actually quite safe for our little ones. And the emotional and social benefits of learning in the classroom are immeasurable.

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